RPG Maker is an important tool for beginner developers to get their hands dirty with the concepts in creating a game. As you use the tool you begin to push and want to develop your own changes and ideas.

With the openness of RGSS, you have the freedom to make all the changes you wish.

Pictured above is my changes to the default battle system in RPG Maker XP. It was fun learning to push events around. ;)

I keep coming back to it, because one day, I want to be known for something I made.

Make Your Own Game Today! :)

It is possible to get out of a shitty situation with help. Don’t Mass Effect 3 us with that ending. :/


Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb just came out on steam a few hours ago and its currently the 2nd best seller on steam of the day, so thanks for that :)

you can pick up the game here http://store.steampowered.com/app/113204/

and if you dont own the original, remember its still on sale for $2, http://store.steampowered.com/app/113200/

so you can buy the whole pack for what the original game costs!

patches and updates incoming! but today i take a break… enjoy it!

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Maybe I should update this more?

Yes, this looks like fun. I wonder if I am allowed to use portable firefox?

More sprite work for POKEMON JUL.

More sprite work for POKEMON JUL.

Early Work


It is always fun to go back and revisit some of your early work. This was my first full room made in 3D. It has plenty of mistakes, but I am glad that I made them. Learning is all about mistakes, better to make them as a student than in a production.

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Nintendo stole the show…

Nintendo stole the show…

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Music by Scott, a music teacher for CONA. It is a very catchy remix of Mary had a Little Lamb. It’s kinda cool.

Just something I made for fun.


This is the shot for the MC character that I did the animation for.
In this scene, Cindy looses her audio and tries to get her assistant Denis to fix it, before finally giving up and telling him to roll the student reel.

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